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Earnest Greetings

Congratulatory letters continue to come from heads of foreign states and prominent international organizations addressed to President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov on the occasion of Eid-al-Fitr.

Politics | 01.08.2014

A New Palace of Arts in Navoi

A modern Arts Gallery has opened in the city of Navoi.

Society | 31.07.2014

Diplomas Awarded to Graduates

An official event has taken place to award diplomas and badges to a group of graduates of the Academy of Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Society | 31.07.2014

Meeting at the Oqsaroy

At the Oqsaroy on July 30, President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov received Lloyd Austin, Commander of the United States Central Command, who has been visiting our country.

Politics | 31.07.2014

Devinder Kumar Sharma: Uzbekistan is attracting the attention of the world with its flourishing foreign policy and high development

Uzbek and Indian relations date back to centuries. The Great Silk Road relations, oriental culture and literature, Babur and Baburid’s heritage always tie our relations.

Society | 30.07.2014
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