Uzbekistan is a vibrant country that has preserved unique traditions and customs. From time immemorial, not only Uzbeks, but also representatives of different nationalities lived on this land. Local residents were engaged in crafts, agriculture, trade, and cattle breeding. All these factors, of course, have left their imprint in the history and culture of the Uzbek people, including the formation of unique traditions of celebrations.

    During the days of celebrations, festivals and entertainment events are held that can leave the strongest impression. After all, these are unusual rituals, festive concerts, bright costumes, rich dastarkhans, ancient traditions - everything that fills our country and makes it so original.

    The national holidays of Uzbekistan are officially fixed public holidays. Among them are state and international holidays: New Year, Defender of the Fatherland Day, International Women's Day, Navruz Holiday, Day of Memory and Honor, Independence Day, Teacher and Mentor Day, Constitution Day, as well as Muslim holidays with a variable date.

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